Buddy Rush Walkthrough

Think casual roleplaying game socially integrated with Facebook and you will have Buddy Rush. It’s a dungeon-crawler also with your party build up of computer controlled characters created by your Facebook friends.

And…if you find it difficult to finish all the chapters and missions of Buddy Rush, read this walkthrough. I can’t just stress more than just capitalizing BELOW.

Buddy Rush Walkthrough

I have listed down the levels and the general overview on how to go about each level you play in Buddy Rush. If you still find anything difficult, ask me in comments.


This is an easy level. The enemies are not difficult, green oblins attack you with stones which are pretty damaging but they can be avoided because you’ll get a notification once they will lock on you. The boss monster is also not hard to defeat.

Wodeam Items
Woold Glove
Defense: 6, Attack: 8

Wool Headgear
MP: 12, HP: 24, Defense: 4

Double Axe
Attack: 10 Stun: 0.5, Critical: 3

Horn Cap of Hugeblin
Defense: 7, Evade: 2, HP: 24

Spiked Club of hugeblin
Attack: 12, Stun: 2, Critical 2


Tresed has new enemies, the Anuvis will spawn surprisingly and will be able to slow down your team and their attacking speed by the help of a totem, so kill that ASAP.

The Mumblins explode after dying, so you’ll have to stay away from their bodies after you’ve killed them. The boss is Cooky whose attack is avoidable because it throws stones.

Tresed Items
Ring of Anuvis
HP : 1.5, MP: 4

Ankh of Anuvis
Defense: 7, Attack: 4, Evade: 1.5

Wand of Anuvis
MP Regen:2.5, Skill Pow: 7.5, Skill Cooltime: 0.5sec

Light Saber
Attack: 16, Critical: 2, Hit Speed: 1

Cooky’s Paw
Attack: 16, Stun: 3, Critical 1

Cooky’sPilot Cap
HP: 16, HP Regen: 1.5, Evade: 1, Defense: 9


This is an icy area, the boss – Pengster will drop icicles which can be avoided. He will also fire fish which can stun you. Just kill the totem first and then go all out for the boss.

Loocos Items
All of these items are with Red Borders.

Sunglasses of Bearnardo
MP: 8, Defense: 8, Evade: 2

Icebox of bearnardo
Attack: 18, Stun: 1, Critical:3

HP:32, Def: 8, HP Regen: 1.5

Pengster’s Chocobar
MP Regen: 3.5, Skill Cooltime: 0.75, HP Regen: 4

Pengster’s Watergun
Attack: 2, Stun: 1, Skill Pow: 4.5, critical 2


This is a difficult level. The enemies are powerful and they will start using poisonous attacks. The oblins will shoot needles and spiders which are both poisonous; these can affect your defense and lower your HP so you should kill the oblins first.

Look for the enemies who are equipped with the spears after you have killed the oblins because these spears can cause a lot of damage too. The boss is hard…save some potions for it- Betty will use three attacks.

One is the typical falling thing, but in this he himself hits the ground with its head hard enough to cause enough damage to the near-by objects but this, again, is avoidable. He also has firing and charging forward abilities.

Elgnuz Items
All of these items are with Red Borders.

Oblins Horror Mask
HP: 40, Defense: 10, Evade: 1

Skull Wand
Attack: 8, Skill: 15, Skill Cooltime: -1

Explorer’s Fedora
HP: 40, Defense: 9, HP Regen: 2

Explorers Whip
Critical 2, Attack: 28, Skill Pow: 3

Betty’s Claw
Attack: 27, Skill Pow:3 , Critical 2


This chapter has cloning ninjas, it’s easy. Both of the Ninjas die once you kill one of them. White Tiger is the original ninja, which has to be killed and not the clone, so just attack the right one and it will be dead in no time. You can simply differentiate between them because the clone can’t use any special attacks.

Woodeam Items
All of these items are with Red Borders.

Taekwondo uniform
HP Regen: 3, Defense: 12, MP Regen: 1

Asian Bamboo Hat
Defense: 12, Evade: 2, HP: 32

Dual Sword
Attack: 32, Hit Speed:1, Critical: 2, Stun: 1, Defense: -4

Cloth of Grim Reaper
Defense: 10, Evade: 2.5, Critical: 3, Skill Pow: 3, Attack: 8

List of Death
HP: 160, MP Regen: 3.5, Attack: 14, Critical: 8, Skill Cooltime: -1sec, Skill Pow: 12, MP: 48


As the name suggests, it is creepy, In this chapter you will encoutner the undead. There are two bosses, one can summon bats that is Drablins and the other is Succubus, who can turn your own allies against you.

Bootomb Items
All of these items are with Red Borders.

Jack O Lantern
Defense: 14, HP: 64

Big Bolt
Attack: 32, Skill Pow: 3, Evade: 2

Drablin’s Suit
HP: 112, HP Regen: 1.5, Def: 4

Horn of Succubus
Stun: 1, Critical: 5, Hit Speed: 1, Attack: 38, MP: -12

Spirit of Succubs
Evade: 2, Hit Speed: 2.5, Stun: 3, Skill Pow: 18, Defense: -2


This round is all about stunning, all the monsters are very good and they have large HP. Grab a lot of potions so you can increase your health gradually and be ready to get stunned anytime, anywhere.

Questern Items
All of these items are with Red Borders.

Attack: 24, Critical: 9, Evade: 1.5

Attack: 12, Skill Pow: 10.5, Hit Speed: 3

Chieflin’s Headdress
HP Regen: 1, Defense: 13, HP Regen: 1

Attack: 38, Hit Speed: 1, Critical: 10


The last round, expect poisonous enemies. Kill them first – the hermit crabs and the oblins which are equipped with spears. The boss is the Jackblin, his skills deal high damage to your HP.

Kanbucay Items
All of these items are with Red Borders.

Paper Pirate Hat
HP: 168, Defense: 12, HP Regen: 2

Pirate Do-rag
MP: 56, Evade: 7, MP Regen: 4.5

Staff of Sage
Attack: 27, Skill Pow: 12, Skill Cooltime:-1.5

Pelicano’s Beak
Attack: 20, Skill Pow 18, Stun: 6, Hit Speed 2

Jack Blin’s Hook
Attack: 56, Critical: 9, Hit Speed: 3

Jack Blin’s Shield
HP: 136, Evade: 3, Defense: 20

Real Pirate Hat
Skill Pow: 25.5, MP: 24, Skill Cooltime: -4sec, MP REGEN: 1.5

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