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Buddy Rush Raid Mode Boss and Items Guide

Raid Mode in Buddy Rush is played to unlock the unique (purple border) items. You play the Raid Mode with up to 5 characters. Your team is put in an arena which has 4 different gems on its corners. These gems have different functions – they seem in a variable time.

They will increase or decrease your team’s Attack, Defense, Speed, HP etc. You have 300 seconds to complete your task. They are Totems in this mode but they aren’t really dangerous unless their boss monster and a character touches them. It will grant them the ability to do ranged attacks, which they don’t have to start with. So you should make sure that the monster boss stays away from them.

Name (Level Req) (HP)
Above format has been used in this guide when writing about the Monsters. Name indicates the name of the monster, level requirement is level req. and HP indicates the health points of particular raid monster.

Buddy Rush Raid Monsters

Below are the different Raid Monsters you will meet in the Buddy Rush.

Genzir (65) (1,000,000)

Genzir has two skills – Butt Bounce and Hammer. He jumps into the sky and hits the ground with his butt and deals massive damage to the nearby objects.

He is equipped with a heavy hammer which he strikes on the character. These attacks are very powerful and can eat up more than half of your health. Grab a couple of potions and keep striking constantly, stay away from the two main skills and you’ll win this fight.

Genzir Raid Purple Items
Genzir’s Flag
Skill Pow: 18%, Skill cooltime: -2.5sec, Hit Speed: 2%, Evade: 5%

Genzir Set Effect
Evade: 5%, Hit Speed: 2%, Attack: 32%

Genzir’s Gigantic Hammer
Attack: 42,, Stun: 4%, Skill Pow: 9

Genzir’s Golden Tooth
Attack: 28, Critical: 10%, Stun 4%, Hit Speed: 3%

YA-86 (68) (1,500,00)

This is pretty similar to Betty but stronger. It also jumps high up in the sky and then hit the ground to inflict damage. You’ll get to know when he is going to do this because he has a noticeable action.

You’ll also have to grab a lot of potions in this because YA-86 has DASH too, which is difficult to avoid. His finals kill is the firing skill. He throws fire from his mouth which is pretty much damaging and can stun your character, which can make your life even more difficult considering the circumstances.

YA-86 Raid Purple Items
Titanium Skill
HP: 192, Defense: 17

Titanium Teeth
Attack: 36, Hit Speed: 8.5%, HP: 48

Titanium Eye
MP Regen: 6.5, Skill Pow: 30%, MP: 52

Titanium Set Effect
HP: 128, Defense: 16

Titanium Leaf
HP: 48, Defense: 10, Critical: 15%, HP Regen: 5

Farjegnon (75) (1,750,000

This is the strongest Raid Monster. It has three main skills – The first is that he can simply pound your character. The second the “shockwave” in which he fires an energy beam which can harm multiple characters in a row so it’s better if you try to keep your characters scattered around him.

Both of these skills are avoidable but the third and the main skill is impossible to avoid, even potions won’t help you. He will take out his head as a warning and then use it, the screen will start burning.

There is only one way to survive this…there are eggs floating near him. Break these eggs and you’ll see a yellowish liquid coming out from them. If you’ll use that liquid then it will create a shield around you by which that fire won’t be able to cause any harm to your characters.

Save this liquid for the danger zone and use it when its only when Farjegnon takes his head out.

Farjegnon Raid Purple Items
Farjegnon’s Armor
HP: 48, MP: 24, Defense: 24, HP Regen: 2.5

Farjegnon’s Sword
Defense: 6, Stun: 6%, Attack: 46

Farjegnon’s Helm
HP Regen: 2.5, Defense: 16, HP: 160

Farjegnon’s Set Effect
Defense: 10, Evade: 3

Farjegnon’s Cloak
HP REGEN: 5, Evade: 8, MP REGEN: 6, Defense: 6

Buddy Rush Items Guide

We all know that a high level character is of no use unless it is equipped with the suitable combinations. Low level characters like the Worrier can be put to good use if you equip him with good offensive items. Since it has a good defense, equipping him with offensive items will make a balanced character.

Items have to be collected, some are easily available and the good ones need more time and attention to be found. Items are usually found by completing tasks/missions and finding treasure chests.

The items in Buddy Rush are divided into different categories. Each category differentiates with the other one by the color of the border line on them. There are a total of about 1600 items in the game.

Purple>Red >Blue> Green>No color

The purple color items are only found in the raid mode – These are mostly used in sets. While you can find the rest of the items in treasure chests and by completing different tasks.

You can read Buddy Rush walkthrough and characters guide for more.