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Buddy Rush Characters Guide

There are now 12 characters that you can choose to play Buddy Rush. Each character has a unique set of powers and abilities that you can use against enemies. Choose the one that complements your game style.


Worrier is the most balanced character of the game. He looks like a simple warrior but is very powerful and a great character to start with.

ChopChop: This is an attack through which he quickly starts to attack the near-by enemies. It can be used to finish off the enemy characters that are left with a lower HP.

Shockwave: An energy beam which simply stuns whatever comes in contact. It’s great for buying you some time or finishing off the remaining enemies.

Mockery: You can use this skill to distract enemies from your allies but now they will follow you. You can use it effectively to help your allies when they are low on HP.

Unbreakable: If you don’t want to carry a lot of potions then you should use this. It simply increases your defensive power.


Boorseye is an archer. He can be used for long-range attacks. He has a greater chance to land a critical hit but since he’s an archer, it is no good in close range.

Sneak: This will make your character invisible. You can use this to get out of trouble or do a surprise attack. It also increases your critical chance.

Greed Shot: Boorseye will now fire multiple arrows towards different targets at once.

No Yield Shot: Boorseye will now shoot multiple arrows on the same enemy.

Bull’s Eye: This will increase the critical chance.


Wizz is a magician of sort. All of his attacks are related to magic. The magical powers of Wizz can be increased by decreasing the cool-off time or using the items which will increase its magic regeneration.

Z-Flash: This is a spell which can deal damage to multiple enemies at once with a chain attack. It’s quite useful when you’re fighting multiple enemies.

Freezemall: This will slow down your enemies so you can back off or do your slow/deadly attacks.

Firefield: It will create a ring of fire around the enemy; it will slow him down so you and your allies can attack easily.

Impatience: It is simply used to decrease the skill cooling off time.

Aiki Lu

Think Butcher and you have Aiki Lu; She is equipped with two meat cleavers.

Roar: This is pretty handy as it increases the offense of all your players so you can use her if you are planning a full party attack.

Shooting Dumpling: Use this if you’re going against lots of characters at once, this will stun them so they’ll lose their skills and you’ll have enough time to deal damage.

Blade Typhoon: The blade typhoon and Shooting Dumping can be handy when used carefully as this also attack a couple of enemies at once.

Quick Soft Light Step: It will increase the evasion of items which work with evade abilities.


She is another long-range attacking character that uses magic. She has a “PET” dog which she can summon so he’ll fight for her along with the party. Her curse is one of the best skills in the game. Increase this power as much as you can.

Curse: The curse will defect your enemies, it will decrease their offensive attacks and their defense power.

Summon: This will summon the wolfgang to fight for you.

Thornbush: It will create thorns between your enemies, damaging.

Charity: Passive power, used to increase your curse effect.


Another character that is equipped with a sword. He is fast and very powerful.

Quick Step Slash: This is a very effective attack, it’s very fast and you’ll be able to attack up to 5 near-by enemies.

Leaf Slash: A spinning attack like a top, it attacks anybody which comes in its way.

Kiss of Death: is used to stun the enemy.

Sword Mastery: Increases your attacking speed.


She is basically a healer but she has the capability of fighting. She is pretty useful if you have equipped her with items.

Lotus Slap: The slap affects the near-by enemies. This is very powerful.

Heal: Heals your party members.

Sanctuary: This will create a healing zone where your characters will be able to refill their evasion, HP and defense.


He is another magical character, but a vampire. He doesn’t need potions because one of his attacks heals him up automatically. The fatal temptation which lets you to summon is also very useful!

Taste of Heaven: He will start sucking the blood of the enemy; this will damage the enemy and heal Vampino.

Fatal Temptation: He will convert 5 of the enemies to fight for you and become your loyal.

Lovely Bats: He will summon some bats so they’ll fight for you.

Blood of Vampire: Increases the regenerating speed of HP.


Flow is a werewolf; he can simply become a wolf for more than half of the mission.

Metamorphosis: He will transform into a wolf and increase it stats, also decrease the enemy stats.

Earthquaker: If you are not transformed into a wolf then you can punch the ground so near-by enemies get affected.

Grand Crusher: It will stun the enemies (wolf only).

Heart of Wolves: If you are transformed then your HP will rise.

Betty Junior

A dinosaur, capable of melee and long-range attacks both. He has the biggest HP. He’ll need lots MP regenerating items because he eats it like food.

SuperhardStonehead: He’ll hit his head on the ground hard enough so it can cause enough damage to the near-by enemies (twice).

No One Can Stop Me: He’ll go forward in a wild way and stun/damage whatever comes in-between.

Burning Fire: Shoots Fire from his mouth.

Bone of Dino: This is used to increase the HP.


She is a modern character, she is dual wielded with pistols and can attack from range.

Spiral Shots: Fires countless rounds to the nearby enemies, while spinning like a sword-ninja.

Don’t Move. This is used to stun the enemies; she’ll throw a net on them so they won’t be able to move.

Hand Bomb: Good for heavy wide ranged attacks, she throws three bombs which cause massive damage to the near-by enemies.

Bleeding: An ability which will decrease the health of the enemies.


Toxy looks cute but she is not, equipped with two deadly daggers which are poisoned enough to kill anybody which comes to their tip. Toxy needs to be equipped with items that decrease the cooling time of her skills. She also uses MP because of her poisoning skills.

I’m So Sorry: Affects the HP of the enemies as it applies a special poison on your daggers.

Poison Explosion: This is an explosive skill, she’ll throw some poison which will explode and damage the near-by enemies.

Infectious Poison: Infectious Poison is very useful, she’ll throw some marbles and if they will hit an enemy, they’ll automatically become more of them.

Dangerous Gir: Toxy’s toxicity and damage will be increased.

You can check Buddy Rush Walkthrough and Boss Tips and Items list for more. If you would like to suggest how players should go about using a specific skill, share it with us in comments.