Starhawk Features Flat Player Skills System

President of Lightbox Interactive Dylan Jobe took the twitter to answer the burning questions about Starhawk’s Player Skills System. When asked several questions about different aspects of the Skill System that will be core to the gameplay of Starhawk. He had this to say:

Thanks for the DM’s re: #Starhawk player skills. To clarify, the skill system is *NOT* a tree configuration built of lots of level gates.

The player skill system in #Starhawk is much more “flat” and we do our best to balance them, so….

…player skill is the most important factor in winning #Starhawk games — not who has the “highest-level perk”.

So there won’t be any talent tree or complex abilities system but a flat player skills model which has been designed to be balanced and fair. Your gear won’t matter, your ability to pull the headshot in a reflex action will. That’s what he meant I think. Disagree ?