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Nintendo Sued Over 3DS Technology

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo has been sued by Tomita Technologies upon allegedly infringing one of the patents that the company holds. Patent No. 7417664 as cited by ShackNews, covers “Stereoscopic image picking up and display system based upon optical axes cross-point information” and is held by Tomito Technologies since 2008.

This patent bears resemblance to the technology used in Nintendo 3DS. The patent covers a “pick-up and display system” that features stereoscopic 3D imagery. Simply put it’s “3D without glasses”, which Nintendo 3DS is all about.

“Nintendo’s America’s infringement of the ‘664 patent has been, and continues to be, willful,” the court filing reads. The court filing is pretty vague on the exact nature of the infringement. Tomita claims that Nintendo 3DS has damaged the company and it’s product by an amount not yet determined and has asked the court for a trial by Jury.

Nintendo hasn’t yet commented on the alleged lawsuit, we are monitoring the story and will update you when we have more.