Top 10 Video Game Heroes of All Time

Recently we posted Top 10 list featuring the most bad-ass villains in games.

This time, We have decide to do the contrary; we’ll be having a look at some of the greatest and most well known heroes that we can remember.

Do keep in mind that this top ten doesn’t rate them for how they look or how epic their deeds were; it’s a rating based simply on how famous they are and their personality.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I haven’t played each and every game ever released.

so kindly don’t get infuriated if your personal favorite hero/heroine isn’t present in this list.

10. Master Chief (Halo Series)

One always wondered what lay under that spectacularly sophisticated looking helmet. Master Chief is the iconic symbol of Xbox’s success in the market, for both the original and the 360.

He may not talk much, he may not gasp too often when hurt or show emotion when his comrades die, but Master Chief does away with aliens the way we do with breakfast after a good sleep. Mysterious, cool-looking, and bearing a heroic voice, Master Chief is one of the most well-known protagonists in gaming history.

9. Alucard (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)


He rebels against his own father, Dracula, and as a lone-wolf, disrupts the plans of all the evils that accompany the Lord of Vampires. The ladies love him, and the guys envy him for his cool, dark and silent personality.

When he speaks he is a quiet, sober gentleman; but when he fights he is a raging dhampir, combining the unmatchable powers he has from being a half vampire with the immaculate demand of justice from being a half human. Alucard is, by far, the most loved protagonist of all the Castlevania games.

8. Pac-Man


The eye-less, yellow ball of physical existence that chomps up other tiny, static yellow dots and occasionally an apple or berry, Pac-Man is one of the most well known characters of all time. His elusive skills and mechanically opening-and-closing jaws are enough to show those all-colored ghosts whose boss, and who rules the black labyrinth in which they chase after him.

7. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Cloud Strife

Large sword, spiky blonde hair, shiny large blue eyes, and exaggeratedly cool abilities, Cloud is, out of the many great Final Fantasy heroes, the most memorable one.

What’s more, he defeats the person well known as the greatest villain in games, Sephiroth. It’s a no-surprise that girls go gaga over him – it’s even evident in the game as a love triangle exists between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

6. Mega Man
Mega Man

He may have appeared to be a wimpy kid with a big hole in his hand, but once players experienced the pleasure of blasting away antagonists such as Dr. Wily and Sigma, they know that this cybernetic kid is more than what he appears to be.

Mega Man, unlike his the way shown in his cartoon portrays, is a rather serious, deep-thinking, and responsible cyborg fellow who seems to rather enjoy hunting down cool-looking Mavericks.

What makes him an ideal hero is, despite being seemingly young and vulnerable, to some extent, Mega Man selflessly risks his life every time to save the world from the evils of Dr. Wily and Sigma.

5. Samus Aran
Samus Aran

Samus Aran is my ideal woman. She’s strong, super-cool, and agile, not to mention she’s an outer-space bounty hunter who has kicked some threatening asses such as the Mother Brain.

Of course, she isn’t just an exlusive ass-kicker; she has a kind heart, and displays that when she shows kindness towards the baby metroid before pounding the Mother Brain.

When experiencing the pure strength, agility and courage, one can’t help but be overwhelmed with the feeling of controlling one of the greatest protagonists in history.

4. Snake (Metal Gear Solid Series)


Whether it was Snake from the Cold War or Snake from the era of the magnificent Metal Gears, the guy(s) has always proven himself to be the ideal soldier.

Snake may not be perfect in battle; he might sneeze and get caught because of it, or beaten into a pulp (not to mention lose an eye) by a huge electric-conducting Colonel, but he always managed to fulfill his rightful duties in the end, proving to everyone that he is, by far, the greatest soldier and patriot the gaming world has ever known.

‘A strong man makes his own destiny’ he said to Psycho Mantis, and he, and his father Big Boss (as Snake), truly proved that statement in practical.

3. Link (Legend of Zelda Series)


One of the most famous characters of all-times, Link is a perfected version of the typical romance-driven hero that we have heard stories of. Wielding a sword, a shield, and possessing magic as immense as fathomable, Link is all set to save his beloved Princess Zelda, and destroy the foul plans of Gannon.

Resolute is the word to define him, and he will always struggle to fulfill his destiny of extirpating Gannon. Regardless of how many heroes come and go, Link will always be among the greatest of the lot.

2. Kratos (God of War Series)


One feels nothing but fear and awe when witnessing Kratos ruthlessly decapitate gods and brutally slay chimeras. Kratos defines true power, true wrath, and true destruction, and there is no entity on earth or in the heavens that could prevent him from unleashing his rightful terror upon those who thoroughly deserve it.

Kratos is the favorite of many modern gamers, and is easily the most famous hero of the Playstation platform. Gods and demi-gods whimper at his sight, and greek ladies and female gods hastily jump into bed with him; he is masterful at giving both immense pain and immense pleasure. If the word ‘power’ could have a human-god form, it would be Kratos.

1. Mario


Mario is, by far, the most recognized game hero of all time. Though few would’ve ever expected a plumber to get so much fame, Mario surprised them all once he defeated Bowser. What makes Mario so special is his endurance; he has outlived many great heroes who have come, gotten praised, and then sacked simply because they were becoming outdated.

This procedure doesn’t seem to apply to Mario whatsoever, and it is quite rightly expected that he will be there to entertain us for another good 20 years or so. Jumpy, playful, brave, and mushroom-loving, Mario has exceeded all expectations and has rightfully attained the title of the greatest gaming hero of all time.

What’s your favorite hero of all time in Video Games ?