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Action Radius Summer of Tourneys, Fight For The Glory

Bored ? log onto Action Radius, a competitive match-making suit which let’s you create your own tourneys or participate in the existing ladders. You can create your clan, track your rankings, and win exciting prizes.

Not only it’s free but its seamless integration with Facebook makes it a hassle free service. It’s currently in beta, but I would recommend you to sign up and test the service. Participate in the tournaments on offer and let us know what you think about it.

The Tournaments currently on offer are:

Fifa 11 (PS3)
Participants: 1vs1
Format: Double Elimination
Registration closes: 15-Jul-11
Max participant limit: 35 (first come first serve)

Counter-strike Source
Format: Double Elimination
Participants: 2vs2 team matches
Registration closes on: 15-July-11
Max team limit: 20 teams (first come first serve)
Map: $2000$
Winning condition: First team to win 15 rounds (30 kills) wins

League of Legends
Server: EU East
Participants: 3vs3 tournament
Format: Double elimination
Registration close date: 15-Jun-11
Team limit: 15 teams (first come first server)
Map: Twisted Treeline

and many more..

You can check the official site here for more details.