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Sony Looking to Reshape Playstation Network

Sony isn’t done with the changes to Playstation Network yet. After the infamous network breach, the company has been trying to close all the loopholes and provide incentives to the loyal fans to make up for the network downtime.

Sony is also rumored to be in the process of a complete overhaul of Playstation Network. Which at this point seems like it’s only being done, to change the image of the company inside the minds of its consumers.

Apparently the PSN will be made much more user-friendly. An appearance similar to the XBLA and Steam will be adapted. Brighter colors will be used in the menus to try and capture the users attention. Menus will now be placed in front of a black background, as opposed to a blue one.

In an obvious link up, the PlayStation Store is going to be revamped. It will feature a far advanced search method. Searching for movies and games will produce background info and various other links to the products.

At the moment, nothing is sure shot. We will update you more on this as we find out, stay tuned.

Source. GamesRadar