PES 2012 Will Offer “Better Gameplay” Compared To FIFA 12

FIFA 12 and PES 2012 will lock horns this year again in an attempt to convince football fans to buy and wait on each, with new features.

While there is a lot of buzz about FIFA 12 already, Jon Murphy, head of PES 2012 development at Konami, is convinced that PES 2012 will be able to attract the audience with its better gameplay.

If we take this into context, Pro Evolution Soccer had the edge over FIFA franchise in gameplay mechanics for several years until recently. FIFA 11 revolutionized the FIFA video game franchise with its improved gameplay mechanics and visual brilliance.

Pro Evolution Soccer on the other hand, looks to make a come back with a new behavioral AI, revamped graphics and innovative team work oriented gameplay mechanics.

Your success in the game will greatly depend on the team work of your team, rather than the individual stars your team has. Team mates will respond better by making better runs, providing multiple options when attacking. Similarly, the defense will respond to attacking gameplay by making their defense compact.

By incorporating these unique gameplay features, PES 2012 will attempt to win back the fans in 2012, that it has lost in recent years to FIFA series.

I really do believe that the offering we’ve got this year will pull some fans back from the competition, Murphy told CVG. Perhaps we’ll see another year when people buy both games, but after six months, we want to make sure they trade-in only one of them – and it’s not ours.

Speaking about the challenges that lie ahead, he talked about the unique aspects of PES 2012, which the fans should be excited about and reiterated that they will end up better than the competition.

[FIFA] has the atmosphere, the crowds and certain licences we don’t – and everybody knows they’ve got better commentary than us. I can’t see that changing. And some of the stuff they’re doing with the collisions looks great, depending how it works as you actually play.

But if you want pure gameplay, I think we’ll smash them this year. We’ve got so many things going for us, but just the lightness of touch and the way the players move independently is fantastic. You notice it instantly.

If somehow Konami can successfully pull this off, it would make it an exciting encounter.