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King of Fighters XIII To Bring Exclusive Content For Consoles

King of Fighters XIII came out last year as an arcade fighting game and enjoyed some degree of fame, getting featured in last September’s Super Battle Opera tournament in Japan.

It was recently announced at the official site that the game will be released on consoles later this year in October. Developers have confirmed now that the console version of the game will bring exclusive fighter Billy Kane to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

While not much is known about the specifics, we understand that Billy Kane will retain most of his classic moves based on the official screenshot that has been released.

The console version of the game will also include three new stages for players to contest on. The first is set in the interior of the Big Ben clock tower overlooking London, with cameos of Lilly Kane, Wolfgang Krauser, and Laurence Blood in the background. The second is set in the nightclub which looks to be the modernized version of the classic Pao Pao Cafe of Fatal Fury fame. The third stage is set on a grassy field littered with ruins.

The console version of the game has been rebuilt from ground up and will expand the roster from 22 characters to more than 30. Among the additions will be fan favorite Mai, as well as King, Vice, K’, Yuri, Maxima, and more. The console version will feature fast paced fights, new moves, and an enhanced online mode.

King of Fighters XIII on consoles will be published by Atlus, first time they will be serving as the publisher of the series.