Resistance 3 Story, Environments, Enemies, and AI

It’s not for the first time that the earth is in distress inflicted by some Alien invasion.

Humans are pinned down by the Chimeran forces and you being a hero, need to resist their dominance to keep the hope alive. This is the plot of Resistance 3.

Following video is about the story and environment of the game. If you have played Gears of War, you will understand when they say that they want colors to tell the whole story and conditions you are in.

Just watch the video and you will understand what I meant. The dev diary is titled Cold New World, you can even get the hint from the title about the challenge that lies ahead.

Cold New World – Story and Environment

Success or failure of the game highly depends on enemy AI. Why Brink had to face a lot of criticism? One main reason was bogus enemy AI. So the developers have considered this point and apparently laid much focus on improving the AI system of the game.

How they are going to do it? They are using something called the “job board” (as mentioned in the video) to assign certain tasks to a particular number of enemies. For example, if 5 enemies attack you at once, using the job board they can assign that 2 of them will run straight at you, one will retain a defensive position while two will try to flank you.

Something like that. This potentially will enemy attacks more challenging to deal with. Watch the video below for more on enemy types and AI.

Enemies And Artificial Intelligence

Resistance 3 is one of the most anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive titles and no wonder Insomniac Games want it to be perfect. Stay tuned for latest updates on Resistance 3 and future of Earth.