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Invizimals: The Lost Tribes Features More Creatures Plus New Mode

Invizimals no doubt can be a fun game depending on whether you like to hunt monsters or not. If you haven’t played it yet then for a brief intro, it’s a game in which your PSP turns into a monster hunter in a virtual world. You hunt them down and then capture them. This doesn’t end here as you can train them to fight against your enemies in multiplayer.

Invizmals – The Lost Tribes will be the third installment and will continue the story from the previous game (Invizimals – Shadow Zone). It will be a a new adventure with Jasmin, Alex, and company. The Lost Tribes has 150 monsters to capture which are far more than the other two games. 80 among them are from the previous games while 70 creatures will make their debut in the series.

Novarama’s Augmented Technology integration will make the hunting and capturing process more realistic and fun. Much discussed New Tag Team Mode for a 2 vs 2 battle has also been included. The game is set to release this November. Stay tuned for more updates.