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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Extended Footage From Japan Expo

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Square Enix showed Final Fantasy XIII -2 recently to the world, at the Japan Expo in Paris. They kicked things off by showing a look at Serah and Noel, however there was nothing new there, as the world had already witnessed those two at E3 2011.

What was however rather brilliant to watch, was the extended fight between Lightning and Chaos Bahamut, which till now was only seen behind closed doors. The video kicks off with Lightning and Odin combining to take on Chaos Bahamut. The fight looks rather brilliant, due to the breathtaking visuals and the ever changing environment in the background of the fight.

Near the end, the fight shifts to a city setting, where Lightning gets up close with Bahamut, before ultimately putting him to rest. You can watch how Lightning does her business in the video below:

Nonetheless, after watching the video, the only words that one can say are, wow. The game looks breathtaking, the fight sequences look immense. Hopefully the final product will be able to live up to the expectations that these videos are now creating, in the fans of the series.

Thanks. Siliconera