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FIFA 12 Lead Producer “We’re Not Creating An Arcade Game”

Over the course of the last few years, EA Sports footballing marvel FIFA has leaped miles ahead of its closest competitors, when it came to making the most realistic football video game out there. Developers have been trying to maintain that flow, as they are now looking to enhance the brilliance that was FIFA 11.

FIFA’s lead producer, David Rutter in his recent interview with 1UP pointed out some of the ‘revolutions’ that EA is trying to bring to FIFA 12. Rutter started off by stating that for FIFA 12, the team was hoping to bring a sort of a revolution with the gameplay and give the fans something that would blow their mind. In order to do that, minor things were tweaked while dribbling, player AI, and tackling were tremendously worked upon.

The dribbling has taken a massive boost, with the introduction of precision dribbling. Players will now have the opportunity to have complete control of the ball at all times and can even skilfully avoid the dreaded missile tackles.

Apart from the dribbling, the tackling has also been tweaked, which means there are no more mindless lunges, that win the ball. In fact, players now have to time their interceptions and tackles down to perfection.

Over all, the tackling mixed with the dribbling breathes a new sense of realism into the game, that many thought was impossible a couple of years ago.

There have been changes to the traits that created players can now unlock and it has been revealed that created players, will be able to bomb throw ins, Rory Delap style, should they unlock the said traits.
Handballs have been given a minor overhaul, since the ability to tell whether the player’s arm was interfering intentional or unintentional, just isn’t possible to get perfect as yet.

Rutter then turned his attention to the upcoming Player Club mode, which is looking to integrate a sort of a social network into the game, with fans representing their teams through the highs and the lows.

Any wins or loses that a player achieves with his respective team, will add up to the total points of the club in the FIFA world and eventually one team will come out on top. However, the integration of the Player Club mode does not mean that the existing online features will be affected.

Finally, Rutter ended the interview on a high note and stated: “We are not creating an arcade game, we are not creating something with scripted moments — we’re creating something where your ability, your skill, your timing, the context, the systems within the game are there to support emergent gameplay, rather than predictable, repetitive stuff.”

From the looks of things, FIFA 12 is all set to blow everyone’s mind to smithereens, once it hits shelves later this year.