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DiRT 3 Monte Carlo DLC Available Now

The track pack is available now on Xbox 360 Live, Games For Windows Live for 800 MSP and on PSN for $9.99. This second in the 4 rumored map packs has 8 new stages to race on. It also includes three new achievements worth of 75G points. Players will be able to race on these track in both single and multiplayer modes. A new foggy whether condition has also been introduced.

The game has already sold more than 1 million copies and it has been estimated that 150,000 highlight videos have been uploaded to youtube with over 150 million miles of distance covered so far. Here is what Senior Game Designer Paul Coleman had to say about this pack:

We knew that by making the Monte Carlo stages additional content we could really do it justice by increasing the difficulty. We made the narrow mountain roads tight and twisty to really enhance the feeling of danger. With the introduction of the Foggy weather condition the rally cars – from the iconic Mini Cooper to the legendary Audi Quattro – become a real challenge to wrestle through these narrow stages

There is no official word on any other DLC from developers’ end so far.