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SegmentNext Giveaway: Win Five $25 SplitReason Gift Certificates

You know SplitReason ? the classy guys who make classy shirts for video games enthusiasts. We have five $25 SplitReason gift certificates to giveaway today, each gift certificate can get you a shirt of your choice at SplitReason store. All you need to do is win this giveaway contest.

Entering the giveaway contest is simple, you just need to follow these rules:

  1. Visit the SplitReason Store and tell us your favorite shirt by commenting on This Status.
  2. You need to tell us why you like this shirt.

Restrictions: There are no geographic restrictions, but you should be a fan on our Facebook Page.

The entry period ends 02/07/2011 ‘2th July, 2011’. We will announce the winners on 3rd July, 2011 *Sunday.

We will randomly select five winners,  each will receive one SplitReason gift certificate worth $25. You will need to make an account at SplitReason to redeem the code on the certificate, but that’s free.

I for one, like this shirt. Which one is your favorite ?

Thanks for the contribution everyone. The Giveaway has been concluded. The Winners are:
@Nathan Elekonich @Jeffrey Shimoskie @Leona Goebel Sperling @Boris Kitty @Adil Khan.

You can check further details HERE. Stay tuned for the next giveaway contest, we are going to giveaway lots of games.