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EVE Online New Changes Lead To Riots and Fan Rage

EVE Online’s latest expansion pack Incarna brought the most ambitious changes in the game World. But it wasn’t the much anticipated captain’s corner that got the attention of the fans, but EVE Online’s new microtransaction store and its crazy prices.

I don’t know what else would you call it, when an in-game shirt costs you equal to 25$ in real world, more than what it would cost you to buy an actual real life shirt. If that sounds manage-able, they have listed a monocle that would cost you equal to $70 in real life. That’s a vanity item by the way, as developer puts it.

While the in-game items business is not new or unheard of, it’s worth noting that only the player can see these items. You can’t even show off.

Fans are less than happy with these outrageous prices and made themselves heard on the forums with hate, rage, and un-subs. What made the situation even worse, was the leaked internal memo, which detailed the developer’s plan to extend its microtransactions to less than cosmetic items like Spaceships, Weapons, and other things which would provide a tangible advantage to players who buy them.

This has resulted into what you can call an online RIOT on official forums and in-game, with protests, and call to revert the changes getting stronger every day.

CCP has come forward with an apology but that hasn’t worked either. Who is to be blamed ? when you issue shallow statements like this. What do you think about CCP handling of the issue so far?

You should go to official forums here, read few threads, and you would know impact of this fiasco on the loyal fan base. or Watch the video below:

EVE Online, The Jita Microtransaction Riot, 6/24/11