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Playstation Network is Still Down in Japan

Shocked ? don’t be. Sony of Japan has issued a statement on the continued downtime of the Playstation Network and its Qriorcity services in Japan. The company had promised to restore all the services by the end of last month, but that never happened.

Sony has apologized to all Japanese players for the long wait and has requested more time “to make adjustments with the various related parties”. Sony still hasn’t given any time-line for when these services will be restored as it attempts to make up with all the stakeholders.

This continued service outage in Japan is due to Sony still not meeting the strict demands of the Japanese government and credit card companies. It seems, Sony hasn’t been able to convince either party that everything is secure.

Hopefully the matter will be resolved soon. We will update you when all of the Sony’s services are back up.

Source. Sony Japan via Kotaku