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New Rainbow Six Will Be Ubisoft’s Most Ambitious Shooter

Although we haven’t heard anything about the new Rainbow Six game, but it is understandable from this leak, that it is still, very much in development.

Ubisoft is taking Rainbow Six into entirely new direction by making it far more story driven and introducing new morality system at the heart of its gameplay. The game will rely on your moral choices that change the outcome of the key moments in the game. Your decisions will shape the path you take to the game’s ending, with many levels having multiple endings.

Rainbox Six

Multiple endings grant for a new experience every time you play through the game since it is almost impossible to play every level in your first playthrough.

Everything is still being tested, I understand, and nothing can be said what the final product will shape up to be. But I find it far more intriguing to twist the soldier with emotional and moral choices in combat, it just feels real.

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