Wii U May Compromise Quality Over Price

After a strong display of Wii U at E3, different opinion about this new console by Nintendo have been circulating around on the internet. We have heard it is 50% more powerful than other consoles available in the market. Everyone is confused about the price of this new console since Nintendo can be naughty when it comes to pricing the console, and different interviews have suggested that also. But in a surprise answer to Gamespot during an interview Mr. Miyamoto has given a notion that Nintendo wants to maintain balance between price and quality.

Nintendo is an entertainment company. We’re very sensitive to pricing because people have generally only a certain amount of their spending that they’ll devote to entertainment. And if you’re talking about parents buying something for kids, there are certain price points where parents may be willing to or not willing to purchase a certain product

We’re very sensitive, of course, to trying to do all of this at an appropriate price. So I don’t know that we would be able to sit here and say that it’s going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now. It’s part of the balance that we strike in terms of trying to find entertainment that is new and unique

The statements indicate that if they go for an affordable price, the power/quality of the console might have to be compromised a bit to maintain the balance. Seems to be a logical decision but we don’t want another Wii, do we ?