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Play Kirk or Spock in New Co-op Star Trek Game

We’ve seen lots of movie-based games from time to time, and frankly speaking not many of them have gotten success, before or after their release. However, new Star Trek game did catch interest of more than few eyes at E3 2011. In fact, if the demo shown off was the summary of the entire game, then it can be safely predicted that the game won’t be an average mimic.

Firstly, for those not aware, this Star Trek game is based on JJ Abram’s reboot of Gene Roddenberry’s classic series, the newest Star Trek movie. However, it isn’t one of those typical movie-derived games.

The new Star Trek game is a stand-alone co-op, the main two characters being Kirk and Spock. But they aren’t the old versions of the series, instead Kirk’s and Spock’s personalities are those seen in the recent Star Trek movie, with Kirk being reckless but skilled and Spock being precise and logical as ever.

Unlike the movie, this game isn’t connected to the events of the film or its upcoming sequel. This of course, is a positive aspect, as those who have seen the movie wouldn’t care to buy a game that just makes them ‘perform’ the whole scenario in a scripted and known manner.

In fact, the game developer is collaborating with the God of War writer for the script, so you can expect more than just an ordinary day in space while playing the game.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the game seems to take goods from other games such as Dead Space, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Metroid Prime, and Gears of War. The zero gravity areas resemble those in Dead Space, while certain other occasions resemble Gears of War and Uncharted.

Kirk and Spock play differently as well; Kirk is more active, agile and forward, whereas Spock is calm, slower and methodical. Of course, what gives the interactivity between the two a flavor is their in-between chaffing and bantering.

The difference doesn’t only lie in the personality of the two protagonists; both Kirk and Spock have their own unique set of abilities, most noticeable ones being in combat. Spock has the edge of being a Vulcan, and can use his extra strength and organized thinking to take out enemies, not to mention mindmelding. He also has the liberty of using the stasis and the particle canon during combat.

On the other hand Kirk’s abilities are more soldier-like; he has access to advanced technology and weaponry, including his special phaser which he can vaporize targets with. The phaser can receive upgrades as well, making it stronger and more trustworthy as progressed.

There will also be lots of occasions where one of the two protagonists will desperately require the other’s assistance, and that is where we’ll see the true quality of the co-op mode.

For example, in a certain area during combat Kirk is poisoned, and Spock must take him to the medbay for treatment. The only problem is that the place is full of enemies, and Spock has to fight his way through foes, giving assistance to his weakened companion.

While playing the game, players will come across quite a few scenarios and elements that are quite familiar, taken or adapted from other games. For example while throwing a grenade you’ll notice a trajectory crosshair that will indicate the trajectory of the projectile.

That’s not to say the game is clichéd or lacking originality; in fact, the familiar contents make it more intuitive and a better experience, as so far whatever we’ve seen has always seemed that it belonged there or should have been the way it is.

The impression left by the game is more than just one of a regular movie-based spin-off. The game looks well-polished and quite entertaining, and the co-op seems top notch. There is lots of time left in the release of this game, so we can expect some great additions and their revelation to come. Star Trek is aiming for a release sometime in summer 2012.