FIFA Manager 12 Integrate Gameplay Features By Popular Demand

EA has been quick to respond the statistical figures and facts of how they have been working hard on every Sports title after facing criticism on lack of innovation.

EA told German Magazine PCGames that coming FIFA Manager 12 will feature 700 improvements compared to FIFA Manager 11.

FIFA Manager 12 is build upon the same engine that powered the previous game but drastically improves the AI, visuals, and animations of the game in 3D match mode.

Now you will have to evaluate the performance of the players you sign or you may be questioned, next time you ask for a transfer budged or forced to sell the player if he under-performs.

You might loose coins if you select a player that isn’t much liked by the sponsors. Smaller clubs will have a harder time just like in reality. With new interface and beautiful visuals you can expect this game to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

FIFA Manager 12 will, for the first time, have club members actively influencing the club decisions. They are featured in the club and can be influenced through various events. Huge campaigns, transfers, and related stuff will influence your fan base resulting in increase/decrease of revenue.

New Job system after you resign from the football club is rather interesting since you may end up living an entire different work life after your pro football career.

During the development of the FIFA Manager 12, EA asked the fans of the franchise to vote on few features, almost all of the popular features demanded by the fans have been implemented in the game. These features include:

  • Show Training Progress
  • Keep Shortlist
  • Application for Hosting a European Cup Final
  • Permanent moral loss of underpaid players including new salary raise options.
  • Show Experience progress
  • Build a new stadium
  • Manager achievements
  • Last 24 hours of the transfer period
  • Instant calculation
  • Player Tryouts
  • Speech before every game

Another great feature will be football business focused manager interviews, I am not sure what they mean by that but hopefully it will be something good.

For now, this is what we know about this title apart from the new screenshots. As it stands, it looks good since the developers have listened to the fans and have integrated lots of features demanded by community.