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The Realism and Simplicity of NBA 2K12

EA Sports isn’t the only company that makes fantastic sports games. Quite frankly there aren’t too many, but the other company which has really been doing a great job is 2K Sports.

The people behind NBA 2K11, which was considered as one of the all time greatest basketball games ever created. 2K is again eager to make an impact at least as big with its upcoming NBA 2K12.

Firstly, the visuals of 2K12 are what will impress people the most, since they are, quite simply, very realistic. But it’s not just about which textures are being used, or whether or not they’re using sophisticated technology like every other game nowadays.

It’s about the simplicity and life-like movements of the players, and how the crowd and fellow players respond to them. Facial expressions will be much better, both during gameplay and replays, and there will be many different animations for shots.

The player models won’t have those stiff, jerky movements and mechanical play-style; instead the models flow freely and realistically, and the way they interact is really realistic.

Perhaps it’s too early to judge, but so far the animations seem on par or perhaps even a touch better than those in FIFA 12 or Madden NFL 12.

Graphics and animations may be substantive parts of a sports game, but it’s the presentation and overall impression while playing the game that makes the difference. That is why 2K has tried to make a television-like presentation while playing the game.

How the exhibition matches and the finals are treated will be similar to the way it is in real-life. For example, exhibition matches will have fewer crowds, while finals will be jam-packed, and the intensity of the commentary will also change.

All the above might sound tempting, but one would never enjoy a game if the AI was stupid or even average. Thankfully 2K Sports is aware of this, and therefore they have ramped up the AI to make it more competitive.

The computer will now react accordingly to the player’s mistakes and weak points, and attempts to tackle them. Basically, the AI tries to act as human as possible when it comes to tactics, and that is a real positive sign.

There is still time left in the release of the game. However, what we’ve seen so far is conforming another great basketball game.