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Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Guide

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an upcoming massively multiplayer online roleplaying game based in the Star Wars universe.

It follows two warring factions, each with its unique different classes, with a distinct back story and a branching storyline affected by players’ moral choices.

Classes will also be exclusive to one faction or the other, however, the class of one faction mirror the class of the other but may have different abilities subjected to their moral choices (For example, Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior).

Star Wars: The Old Republic classes have distinct storyline integrated with the game’s overall arc. Moreover, every class has also two specializations or advanced classes.

You can read the detailed guide below to get an idea about each class and how it plays.

Galactic Republic Classes

There are 4 classes for this faction and each class has further two variants.

Jedi Consular

Although Consulars are good warriors, they master the art of utilizing “The Force”. Their aggressive and defensive abilities are almost equally matched. Morphologically, they can either be Humans, Miralukas, Mirialans or Twi’leks.

They can either carry single bladed or the double-bladed light saber depending upon the advanced class you choose.

Advanced Classes
They are famous for their defensive and healing skills. The Jedi Sage carries a single bladed light saber.

Their melee abilities combined with the Force combat can have devastating effects. Jedi Shadow can carry a double-bladed light saber.

Jedi Knight

They master the art of combat and often lead the attack against the dark side. If you are of a killing spree type, this class can be one of your favorites. Species wise, they can either be Humans, Miralukas or Zabrak.

The main weapon of a Jedi Knight is its Light Saber. Traditional color is blue but it can be customized.

Advanced Classes
The Guardians wear a heavy armor which makes them more resistive against the enemy attacks.

Their skills with light sabers are well polished. They can very effective in physical combat. They also have the ability to use two light sabers at a time.


We can call them the marines of this faction. They are trained shooters and wear a tough armor. They use the most advanced tactics on the galaxy. Species wise, they can either be Humans, Zabraks or Mirialans.

They carry heavy weapons of different variety ranging from Rifles to big cannons.

Advanced Classes
Their offense is better than the defense. They can charge through enemy defenses and cause a lot of chaos. The damaging radius of Blast cannons is quite impressive.

In contrast with the Commandos, Vanguards can form a reliable defensive line. Their heavy armor can absorb a considerable amount of damage.


They may not have specialized combat skills or resistive attributes, their agility accommodates them well in the battlefield. Species wise, they can either act as Twi’leks or humans.

They usually carry baslters (pistols) as their primary weapons.

Advanced Classes
They wield two pistols at a time like a typical cowboy. Different skill tree can give them different specialties.

It also carries a scatter gun along with the regular blaster. Scoundrel has the healing abilities like a medic.

Sith Empire

Like the other faction, Sith Empire too has four classes to choose from.

Sith Warrior

They have rivalry with the Jedi and the Republic. They are well-trained warriors specialized in physical and melee combat. They can either be Humans or Sith Pureblood.

They are specialized to use light sabers like the Jedi Knights.

Advanced Classes
They can wield one light saber and wear heavy armor which can absorb a lot of damage. They can either form a resistive defensive line or attack enemies depending upon the situation.

Sith Marauder
They can wield dual light sabers. Along with the well-developed combat skills, they can also use some stealth.

Bounty Hunter

These lusty creatures kill for bounty. Along with their tracking abilities, they can also use different weapons and explosives. Species in this class are Human and Rattataki.

They can use different weapons like the flamethrowers, blasters and the missiles etc.

Advanced Classes
It uses a flamethrower and wears heavy armor. The combination can be effective for blockage and defensive purposes.

They can use missiles and rockets from distance to cause heavy damage. They can also heal their teammates.

Sith Inquisitor

They manipulate the dark side of “The Force” against their enemies. They are not much effective in close range combat. Their species can either be Human, Zabrak, Rattataki and Twi’lek.

They can either carry a double-bladed or a single bladed lightsaber.

Advanced Classes
They can carry single bladed lightsabers. They can manipulate the dark side to create massive attacks.

They can play to role of Tank very well in the team. They use double bladed light sabers and attack from the shadows to eliminate the threat.

Imperial Agent

They are masters of stealth. They ambush the prey and then eliminate it or can be the sharpshooters killing from distance. Their variants include Human and Chiss.

They have the ability to call in bomb strikes via satellites and sniper rifles.

Advanced Classes
They are stealth killers and act as medics. Both the abilities can be crucial on the battlefield.

They use long-range weapons to pick their targets from distance. These recon units of the empire can also use some gadgets to spy on enemies.