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Madden NFL 12 – The Subtle Changes

EA Sports’ fame and glory is rightly received mainly due to two main sport titles: FIFA and Madden NFL. A heck lot has been covered as far as FIFA 12 is concerned, but the football fans are eager to know what changes Madden NFL 12 would bring to the series.

More importantly, after the possibility of the cancellation of the entire football season, football lovers have really been hoping for something to ease their aching, and Madden 12’s timing is going to do exactly that.

Madden games have always been great, and to be honest not many would be surprised by angry and over-raged protesters because too much change was implemented in a new Madden game. Well, there will be certain changes, but the changes are thankfully subtle and will surely make the entire experience more realistic and better.

The first and foremost change is Madden 12’s collision system. You won’t have opponents unrealistically slide into you from ten feet away this time; in fact the previous collision and tackling system has been almost totally eliminated. Now the tackling is much more realistic, with the limb-to-limb collisions being carefully detailed and realistically designed, being different and unique to each situation.

The overall animations of the players have changed as well. The on-field players seem to have inertia now, and one guy ramming into a set of others will realistically experience reaction force himself, while sending off the other dudes in the opposite direction.

These little changes add a great amount of realism to the game; and of course the realistically differentiable individual blades of grass, which have replaced the matt-like green that we called the field in the previous games, add to the experience.

The other improvement in the visual effects is how the player’s clothes and gear take damage or stain depending on the troubles the individual has to go through. Players falling in muddy areas will have dirty clothing, and the unfortunates who have been heavily tackled will get scratches and dents on their helmets.

EA was so eager to get the visual experience right that they hired real NFL photographers to create many of the shots rendered in the game, and I dare say they have done a good job.

The Franchise mode has also been revamped, thanks to enhanced AI, which seem to be more aware of ‘the way it’s done’. The game also features future trades and improved rosters, and the Computer team will also resign contracts and compete for the top players.

With the cancellation of the NFL season looming about, Madden NFL 12 couldn’t have come at a better time, and the subtle changes are definitely helping the game become a more realistic, TV broadcast experience.