Acitivision – People Want More Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been leading the games industry for two years now, with back to back successful titles making up for the largest entertainment launch.

Whether the hatred of late surrounding Modern Warfare 3, the latest title in the series, is the backlash of their success or the result of releasing the same rehashed product, remains to be seen.

But one thing is clear, Activision isn’t concerned much about it. In fact, they believe, gamers want more Call of Duty. While speaking to Industry Gamers at E3 on whether Modern Warfare 3 will be able to enjoy the same success previous two games did, Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg hesitated and said:

I’m not going to predict any specific numbers, but I will say that Call of Duty is a franchise with a lot of momentum

He continued by talking about how their fan base is still on rise regardless of all the skepticism that surrounds the Call of Duty franchise now. In terms of measurement, they are going great so now it’s up to them to make a great game, keep innovating continuously within the franchise and within the category.

When asked about the release of Call of Duty title every year, Hirshberg denied it’s milking the franchise, rather revealed they are only doing what the fans want.

I think right now we found a really good cadence that allows enough development time for the studios to make [a great game]. Every Call of Duty game has so much pressure on it to be the best and to innovate and to continue to lead this genre and to lead the industry that we need to allow them the right amount of development time and the right amount of resources.

And concluding the interview, he revealed why they are motivated to release a game every year, follow the DLC plan, go for subscription model.

We have people buying everything we put out and who can’t get enough and whose only request from us is for more.

More DLC, more new gameplay modes, more maps, more campaign missions – so we’ve got a very passionate audience, who wants more.

It is no doubt true, everything they put out, do sell a lot.