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Why EA Only Withdrew Games From Steam?

It’s not for the first time that we see anyone challenging a well established and trend setting entity. Steam is recognized as one of the biggest digital distribution platforms.

How many games are there that aren’t released on Steam these days? The number will be negligible. EA on the other hand probably wants to challenge Valve’s premier download service or to make an equivalent platform of their own.

They call it “Origin” as announced a couple of weeks back. What will it do? allow EA to distribute the games through their own platform rather than using third party digital distribution networks. Will there be community aspects like matchmaking in Origin? not for now.

EA has taken the initiative by withdrawing their titles from Steam, Crysis 2 for one. Future EA games of course will be available through Origin and as things stand for now, they won’t be released on Steam. Crysis 2 is available at Amazon, Direct2Drive and Impulse though, it’s a clear indication EA is targeting Steam.

EA is a big publisher and multiple titles are released to masses every year so fans won’t have any other option except to try this new service. We can expect special offers including discounts on famous titles.

Your EA account will also work for origin. Any previous digital download service like EA Download Manager will fall under the same heading. The service will also be accessible through mobile phones. For now, Origin won’t have any major impact on Steam. But if other publishers adopt the same strategy, Steam’s dominance can face a real blow.

Update: EA has responded with a statement that Steam is responsible for the withdrawal of Crysis 2 since there new developer terms conflict with Crytek’s agreement with other digital download services.