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Xbox 720 To Be At E3 2012, TimeSplitters 4 A Launch Title

Microsoft is ready to announce the successor to Xbox 360 at E3 2012, and Crytek is on board, with the development of the next TimeSplitters game for the next generation of consoles.

As revealed by Video Gamer, Crytek is developing the TimeSplitters 4 using DirectX 11. You can expect all sorts of DirectX 11 eye candy in the game like Tessellation, Multithreaded rendering, and compute shaders.

Crytek Insider expects Microsoft to reveal the successor to Xbox 360 within an year, hinting at a possible E3 2012 reveal. Microsoft will launch the new console ahead of Sony, but Crytek is still pursuing development on the next generation Sony platform and investing lot of resources for it.

The insider revealed to Video Gamer that TimeSplitters 4 is currently being demonstrated internally, has been developed using the CryEngine 3, and was privately shown at E3 2011 in video form.

Crytek UK, the original developer of the last three games in the series as Free Radical, is handling the development of the game.

As is expected from any next generation console or technology, the graphics in TimeSplitters 4 will be improved over current generation technology. SegmentNext understands, Crytek will use the upcoming DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 to check the capabilities of the said features.

If the Xbox 720 is to be announced within an year for holiday 2012 release window, I wonder what will become of the Halo 4 announcement which was specifically made for Xbox 360 ?