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Puddle Will Test Your Logic in Solving Puzzles

Puddle is an upcoming downloadble game developed by a group of french students under Konami supervision.

In this game players help a blob of water through different mazes and puzzle. The demo was recently shown at E3 and the game looks to be inspired from the likes of Crazy Machines and World of Goo.

Puddle started as a student project and then went on to win the coveted award of Student Showcase at Game Developers conference which caught the eye of Konami.

Puddle doesn’t push the boundaries or try to invent something however it hold certain charm to it. The blob of water you take control of shimmers and moves like the real deal. Environments range from metallic structures filled with glowing pylons to simple levels populated with just the blob.

The objective of the game is to control a stream of water which you can use to put fires out and vice versa. In the demo shown at E3, the first level had fire burning the pylon, splitting into 3 sections, and if you don’t hurry to put it out, more sections would be ignited by the fire.

Another instance was on the telephone wire which showcased test of logic. In this instance, you needed to carefully guide the blob of water across the wires and make it to the end of the level. If you tried to move fast, the water would bounce up, which would result in falling down from the wire.

The final level in the demo was called the Yellow Cake. In this level the blob of water was trapped in a small maze, populated by live electricity, which could evaporate the blob of water.

Puddle is an interesting concept but it does bear the creative ambition of World of Goo. Regardless of it origins this game has a lot of potential for concept driven puzzles and skillful platforming.

Puddle will be released in Q3 and will be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.