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Furious 4 is More Like Inglorious Bastards Less Like Brothers in Arms

Experiencing the deep emotion of fighting with the comrades you call family, in the harsh environments of Germany, against those who ruthlessly kill the people you were just with. That’s something you expect out of a Brothers in Arms game. But Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 is something way different; like really different.

The cruelty and hardship that came with being a soldier in World War 2 was well portrayed in the previous BIA games, but Furious 4 is totally different. If there is anything that would really describe this game, it would be the notorious movie Inglorious Bastards. Furious 4 can almost be completely considered as the game version of the blockbuster Hollywood move.

It’s no longer about saving your buddies and keeping your brothers close to you; it’s all about Nazi busting and bashing in a totally non-serious and brutal way. Already sounding like Inglorious Bastards isn’t it?

This game isn’t your native World War 2 SIM that you’ve been growing tired off and desperately not trying to play; it notices the audience’s annoyance regarding the overpopulation of conventional WW2 shooters and takes it to a whole different level. The game allows for a singleplayer mode and a four-player co-ops mode, so you can bring a few friends for some collective Nazi pwning.

The game follows the movie more than you would think. You play as the ‘Furious 4’, a group of notorious Nazi killers who have the same fame as the Bastards in the movie. Wanted posters of the four are displayed here and there across town, as their Nazi slaying has even got Hitler on his toes.

The environment in the game is rich, and the graphics are more artistic than realistic. We’ve seen the use of high-contrast colors and high density lighting areas before in games such as Bioshock; it worked quite well then, and it seems to have done a good job for this game too. The indoors of the Nazi taverns and hold-outs are mostly well lit, confidently illuminating the richly colored furniture (if any) and walls.

As Montana, one of the Furious 4, you have the opportunity of infiltrating Nazi-dense areas and gun down each and every bad boy that comes in front of you with your machine gun. Montana also has a nasty hatchet to his disposal, a one-hit-kill weapon which is satisfying to use (in a sadistic manner). Later on, Montana gets his hands on a chainsaw with which he can cause havoc; it seems players will be having very frequent blood showers in this game.

There are also slow-motioned scenarios, such as breach and clear occasions in which the four have to mow down Nazi troops, or perhaps when they four dudes have to ram a vehicle into a Nazi tavern.

The game certainly isn’t anything that would justify the ‘Brothers in Arms’ title; it’s a complete swing-away from the conventions of the series. Fans may be left a little disappointed, but otherwise the game creates room for other gamers. They might have just named it ‘Inglorious Bastards: The Game’ or something of the sort.