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Battlefield 3 – Fighter Jets Playable in Conquest and Campaign

Battlefield 3 will feature playable Fighter Jets but till today, we didn’t know the extent to which they will be playable in Battlefield 3.

Senior Vice President EA, Patrick Soderlund revealed during e3 press conference that Fighter Jets in Battlefield 3 will only be playable in Conquest mode and singleplayer campaign. The reason for this is the size of the multiplayer maps.

The multiplayer maps in Team Deathmatch mode and Rush mode are simply too small to make flying fun. It would ruin the gameplay entirely if the developers would include the fighter jets in these small maps.

Anyway, you will have your first hands-on with the fighter jets during the singleplayer campaign. This is a good decision from the gameplay balancing stand-point, you don’t want the multiplayer aspect of the game to be ruined by several jets flying in the small area of the map.