E3 – Ninja Gaiden 3 Gets Quick Time Events and Stealth

Ninja Gaiden games are famous for three main reasons: they’re notorious difficulty, have fantastic controls, and provide fast-paced hack-and-slash action. What they aren’t known for is stealth and quick-time events; simply because neither of the two released Ninja Gaiden games had it.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is bringing both of these mechanics to the series. This may be something to either cheer about, or to complain about, as it both suits and doesn’t suit what the series is famous for.

As Ryu, you’ll have to combine both his ruthlessness with the newly added mechanics of quick-time events and stealth. For example, as Ryu is exploring London, he’ll glide down from a perch he was on and assassinate a military guard.

After that, he’ll do a silent takedown of an unaware guard from the back, with just a press of a few buttons. On other occasions, you’ll be trying to dodge a speeding vehicle with quick-time events.

The controls here will be rather contextual and almost scripted, as compared to the full control that was offered in the previous games of the series. However, the hacking and slashing will return, as Ryu will tend to become his own self when combating multiple enemies who have enough space to carry blades and rocket launchers with themselves.

Ryu will also have the ability to use charged attacks and attacks that power up from killing foes. The latter seems to be an ability of his cursed right arm, which starts to glow blood-red as you slay more and more enemies, and eventually, allows Ryu to unleash a devastating and extremely violent finishing blow.

The quick-time events will be used more often then not, and will also be a part of some of the boss fights. Whether the difficulty, which made the previous games at times a frustration, is retained or not, is something unheard of. The smooth controls will still be there, but will often be suppressed when quick-time events come into play or during stealth kills.

The real concern for most would be how deeply these new elements affect the overall gameplay, and whether this experiment will be well received by fans. There’s still a lot of time left in the game’s full release, so stay tuned for more.