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Twisted Metal is Better Than Ever

Twisted Metal is one of the series you can easily remember playing in your childhood, hate it or love it, a cult classic it is. It’s wicked sense of humor and comic violence is what makes it special and unique.

There is something about it that just attracts it towards you and for the very reason we have been waiting for a new Twisted Metal game since Twisted Metal: Black back in 2011.

Since the game is getting a reboot, finally. It was on the show floor at E3 and a demo was shown to the audience in which Iron Maiden had to fight a giant robotic doll with a rotating head and ability to fire number of missiles. She could fly around, firing missiles at you, while on the surface her minions attempt to take your vehicle out.

If you get in trouble, you can replenish your health by running your vehicle over these lackeys, giving you a nice health bonus. One of the aspects of this level that caught my eye was different phase sequences involved in defeating the boss.

First you needed to launch a giant missile at the monster. After she has taken the required damage and attempts to fee, you have to stay within a red circle that just appeared around you.

Keep damaging her with your missiles and she will eventually crash through a bridge for final boss battle sequence. We were told Boss Fights like these appear three times during the campaign, and they would be huge battles compared to what you have experienced with the series in the past.

Moreover, people were allowed to play the challenge mode of the game. While it was interesting and all, the controls felt familiar to an extent that Veterans of the series will pick up on the controls quickly.

Everything you love about the series has been retained and improved, all of the weapons are back but are slightly altered. The Remote Bomb for instance is now a remote control car.

There are weapons, you can charge, and then there are weapons like shotgun for instance that allow the gunner to get out of the window and fire at the enemy while you drive.

The developers have made sure, everyone associated with the series can feel right at home with the game while making sure they are keeping up with the current games industry standards.

For the first time in the series, online multiplayer will be the core component of the gameplay providing hundreds of hours of mindless fun on Playstation Network.