Ruin Is Unique Action RPG Taking Inspiration From Diablo

Ruin was one of many games shown by Sony for their next generation handheld PS Vita at E3. The game although itself is not unique but a couple of features integrated with Vita marks it’s distinct position. It’s an RPG action game that resembles more or less to Diablo.

Like most other action based RPG games, Ruin is also about character building while facing the foes from the dark sides. One thing rather unusual in the game is that each character starts off with some super natural power by default. So instead of starting from a scratch and build unleashing the character progressively, players will have something right from the start to enjoy. Ofcourse, those powers can be be upgraded and modified as one progresses through the game.

Another important feature associated with the game using Vita’s technology is that players will be able to save their games on a cloud server and then access these saves anywhere they want. This means that if you started the game on your PS Vita, you can save them on the network and then access them once you get back to your home at PS3 and start right from where you left. Cool feature indeed. Whether you will need 2 copies for it or a single will do is still not cleared.

There are different classes to start with and each class has unique features e.g the warrior class is heavily armored and can use light attacks against the enemies. The combat system set combos to execute the enemies properly, its not a point-and-click combat system.

The multiplayer element is social oriented in which although players can’t play alongside each other but they can interact and trade goods. You will be able to attack your enemies den and your friends can help you in your cause. The same way you will also have to defend your lair from your enemies.

Players will also be able to use social networks like Facebook and Twitter. How will it be possible? It is yet to be known. Considering how many role-playing games that are available these days, Ruin offers something new, something fresh while still keeping the essence of an action RPG.