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E3 – Silent Hill: Downpour Preview

Silent Hill: Downpour is the 8th installment in the classic horror series. Vatra Games is hoping to create something that will not only reinstate the essence of the series but also fits to the new gaming standards. The game no doubt look like a horror movie in which suspense plays a big part.

Have you ever felt someone chasing you as if you are being hunted? Silent Hill: Downpour sustains this feeling multiple times in the game. The story is about a character named Murphy who barely escapes an accident in a prisoner bus. Then starts his quest to escape and rest of the twisting story unfolds.

The game starts slow. It is as if the developer want players to analyze the environment particularly the strolling fog and the darkness which actually explains the nature of the game. Considering the presentation of Downpour, I find it no different than Alan Wake.

Character detail and the sound elements also play a critical role to make the game engaging which is sometimes important for games based on horror and puzzle. And the horror is not of the scary creatures rather it’s the environment that haunts your brain, the fear of being alone in the darkness chased by some unknown shadows.

It takes a lot of work to integrate every element and produce an environment like this and Vatra Games seems to have done a descent Job on it.

Although for the most part, to make the story more interactive, Murphy needs to help his own cause but you will meet some other characters too. Murphy soon finds his first puzzle to solve, a simple one though. Talking of puzzles, in Silent Hill: Downpour, players can solve a puzzle in different ways e.g a locked door can be opened by a crowbar or a piece of rock.

The puzzles obviously can be complicated in later sections of the game. Murphy is also supposed to gather items like coins and some tokens that later on can be used for useful purposes.

There are some other features that adds to the feeling of urgency like an imminent danger can be identified from any environmental change like the rain or background music. Most of the weapons in the game are breakable which makes the confrontation with the dark forces more tricky.

True that it’s too early to give any affirmation about this game but the way things stand for now, Konami is up for real treat for Silent Hill fans. We will have to wait and see when the complete game hit the store shelves later this year.