E3 – Hitman Absolution Preview

Agent 47 is making his way back in Hitman Absolution after a long time but the nature of his work still remains the same. The Silent assassin is ready to win the hearts of the fans of the series with his peculiar style and moves.

IO interactive looks to revive the series with something new but the core concept has to remain the same. The game as one can expect has been spiced up to compete with other modern games with similar concept.

Agent 47 (still bald ofcourse) looks more grim and mysterious than ever thanks to the power of Glacier 2 Engine. Seems like the time spent with the Hollywood animation specialists has been paid off. The game has been set in Chicago where dark patches and rain actually enhance the grimness and seriousness of the game. Rhythmic light music in the background for the most part suits the nature of the game.

The protagonist is more lethal this time and any object in his hand literally becomes his killing tool. Yes, he can snap the neck to kill but he can also use a chord to silent the same person. It’s not as ruthless as Manhunt but the gravity is there which depicts the cold nature of our main character.

One main issue I had with Hitman series was the sluggish characters but this time, the contract killer has surprise agility which can be used to jump off ledges and gaps. He also has new styles to stay hidden or pass undetected like he pulls his cap down and the game slows down as he passes by the ones searching for him. We expect more of the similar features to be included in the game.

A new ability that has been granted to the Agent 47 is to track enemy locations (marked as yellow icons) and predict their patrolling pathway (marked as a flaming trail). This probably will make it easy to deal with an area crawling with multiple enemies.

Targets needed to be eliminated have improved AI and will behave differently with different objects placed in their way. The scream of a Police officer being taken as a hostage by Agent 47 seems so lively as if a person is watching a movie in HD. One time he is the hunter while at some other place, he can be the one being hunted. It’s a life of an assassin after all.

The game won’t be released this year and is still in early stages of development. The short introduction to the game shown so far looks promising. But the question remains whether the game will be balanced throughout or will show the dullness (after certain time) like the previous installments in the series? I bet on it being the best in series so far.