E3 – Gears of War 3 Preview

The biggest impression that Gears of War 3 left during the E3 press conference was that it was totally ready for its September 2nd, 2011 release. We saw some signature moments in the demo, and then there were few things completely new and intriguing.

The mission that was shown is called ‘Abandon Ship’, and the name pretty much defined whatever was happening. Marcus and fellows find themselves on a ship being attacked by a massive sea-monster called Leviathan.

The Leviathan was sort of a Locust version of a one-headed Hydra (from Greek mythology), and though not entirely an original concept, looked fairly cool and almost scary. The enrage monster was determined to take out the ship, and all the puny little beings that were shooting tiny fast moving metal pieces at it.

Marcus is, obviously, intent on getting this lousy beast off their ship, and for doing so his team mates accompany him up to the ship’s deck, while the Leviathan causes havoc, destroying the walls and windows surrounding our escaping heroes.

Some strange spider-like hostile thingies are released from the tentacles of the Leviathan, and Marcus quickly shoots them, while nearby areas are being wrecked by the Leviathan. The new vertex deformation is showcased here, and makes the surroundings seem more realistic and alive than they did in the previous games of the series.

Judging by the size of the massive sea monster, Marcus and company decide that the Lancer just won’t be adequate for taking the thing out, and so they hope into one of a few mechs in the ship.

The new toy is rather interesting, as during co-ops both players can individually mount themselves on mechs and cause mayhem. The mech also provides cover to those who aren’t sitting in one, and can be a useful place to regain your health when there is no cover area close by.

Marcus then attempts to shoot the Leviathan’s eyes while Dom provides constant fire support in his own mech. After taking the eyes out successfully, Cole and Baird release a freight container filled with tickers on the beast’s head. Though it doesn’t happen in the demo displayed, it is here that for the first time the change in perspective occurs.

The game will occasionally shift perspectives in the story mode to accomplish such types of goals. So instead of always playing as Marcus and Dom, you’ll occasionally have to control Cole and Baird to carry out certain objectives.

The game will also involve a lot of story-driven cliffhangers, and according to the developers will have the longest singleplayer campaign of the three Gears of War games. We’re eager to see whether it will also be the best one in the series. For now, it’s just about waiting till September 2nd.