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E3 – Dark Souls Preview

Dark Souls publicly considered as the “spiritual successor” to the original Demon’s Souls has been changed in some ways to make it a different game than it’s related predecessor. The game will be released first exclusively for PS3 in Japan while a worldwide release will be on both Xbox 360 and PS3 in the following month.

Why is that? No one has the clue. The game anyhow seems to carry on the same basic concept as Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls is all about battling your way through darkness filled with scary and powerful creatures.

Demon’s Souls was well acclaimed for it’s competitive gameplay which has been restored in Dark Souls. Players will face a number of tough challenges throughout which actually makes the game more fun and enjoyable. The game take’s place in an open environment and players will have freedom to explore things bu to a limited extent.

Obvious, like other RPG action games, players will be allowed to make their own choices and face then face the aftermath. Players aren’t give any directions or headings to proceed which nullifies the existence of linear gameplay for the most part in the game.

It’s a sword fighting game and the combat is intensive and engaging. One can expect big demons to be the usual part of the resistance one will fight against in the game. The controls and the combat system resembles Demon’s soul and if you are a newbie, you may well take some time to get familiarized with the controls.

The leveling up system has been integrated just like a typical role playing game where you improve your level as progress through the game and gain experience. You will be able to unlock new powers and abilities.

Another important aspect of the game is it’s online feature in which players will be able to activate the bloodstains of other players so the co-operative action is expected.

What we want to emphasize is the amount of role-playing in the game. We want each player to really take on a role, and we’ve implemented a new system – we’re not sure what to call it yet – sort of a contract to help determine the player’s role in the Dark Souls universe. That role will determine whether you want to become enemies or allies with other players

Yes, the game utilizes the modern technology very well to present some eye candy scenes and promising graphics which has become a trend these days. Overall, Dark Souls seems to be a must get game specially for the lovers of RPG and sword fighting. Playstation 3 fans in Japan will get it early though as discussed before.