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Battlefield 3 – Multiplayer Preview

From what we have seen at the E3, Battlefield 3 is attempting to dominate and revolutionize war-based FPS games on the whole.

We’ve seen and had orgasms over the fantastic visuals and some breathtaking gameplay footage, but DICE was quiet regarding the multiplayer mode, until now. It’s not that they were shy, or were double-minded regarding how it would turn up; it was simply that they wanted the multiplayer awesomeness to be the overkill after everyone was done with ‘wowing’ the singleplayer.

Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is filled with destruction, as you’d expect, since it is a multiplayer game and based its gameplay a lot on Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Apart from lots of realistic destruction we’ll also be seeing some sweet additions. Honestly, not much is known about the multiplayer modes except for the Rush mode, and that’s exactly what we’ll look at.

The Rush mode’s basics remain quite the same, but what makes the multiplayer so different from its predecessor’s are the maps. Typically, they are massive and mostly open, but how they progress is what determines the quality of the gameplay. For instance, the metro map starts off as a wide, open area. However, as you progress you enter a subway, and that is the area where you start relying on your close-encounter skills.

What’s more, for the specific subway map you’ll have to use your flashlights, and that is a great addition, and perhaps also an indication that darker maps will be featured in the game. The flashlights in the subway help a great deal, and so does cleverly using the darkness. You can shoot out lights for more stealth, and the closed, compact area allows for good tactical planning and assaulting methods.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily eliminate opportunities for the snipers, as hiding in the dark and sniping out your enemies, constantly moving from one shadow to another can really become a great thing for you and a terrible annoyance for others. Additionally, what the flashlights do for you is act like flash grenades, point one at an enemy’s face and he won’t just see the awesome graphical lighting of the game, he’ll also be totally blind, just the way it is in real-life.

The addition of flashlights and compact maps isn’t the only change in the multiplayer. This time around there is no real independent medic class. Instead, the frontline assaulters will have the luxury of carrying med packs, whereas the long ranged, heavy support guns will be provided to the Support class, which will also have extra ammo packs. You can rest your heavy machine guns on ledges and shoot the behinds (and fronts) of your enemies camp-style.

Quite honestly I always felt that the only reason the Call of Duty games’ multiplayer was better, because it encouraged fast-paced close combat. DICE is very wise in fulfilling the wishes of gamers, and they’ve done that exactly by encouraging close combat and a more strategic way of multiplayer gaming.