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Virtua Tennis 4 PS Vita Preview

Sony has listed a wide range of games upcoming for PS Vita, the next generation handheld. The game that caught my eye was Sega Virtua Tennis 4 during the E3 2011 demo. Since the Vita has a front touch screen as well as a rear touchpad, Sega is bring Virtua Tennis to Sony’s handheld with tweaked controls making it easier to play.

By tapping the screen once you will be able to activate a power meter, and by tapping it again you will be able to swing the racket. By touching and dragging the character you will be able to move him/her all over the court.

Different shots can be pulled off by performing different finger gestures on the touch screen. Swiping your finger up on the screen allows your player to perform a top spin shot also at the same time swiping it downwards will make him/her do a backspin shot.

Touching the screen with two fingers with an upward swipe will make your character do a super shot. From the looks of it the controls are great and well implemented for the PS Vita. You can also use Playstation Vita`s directional pad, analog sticks, and face buttons to play the game.

Other modes include 10 new mini games that will take the full advantage of the touch screen as well as Sixasis Motion sensors. It will include all 22 ATP stars. Using Sony`s camera you can take a picture of yourself and slap it to your character in the game. No release date has been announced yet.