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Infamous 2 Factions Guide

Before you enter the electrifying arena of Infamous 2, basic knowledge about the factions included in the game will give you considerable advantage. Depending on your actions, some of these factions may side with you while others might oppose you.

These creatures are afraid of red hooded jackets. Cole faces these creatures right from the start and if he sides the evil path, he will work with this faction.

First Sons
This faction controls a district of Empire City. They have advanced weapons and armory so can be tough competitors to take down.

Dust Men
They have la large arsenal and most of their weapons are hand made. They are the second faction face by Cole and can be recognized by their brown or greenish appearance.

Under the leadership of Bertrand, this faction is the first hostile faction faced by Cole. It’s a diversified group with no particular appearance and use various weapons. They are a strict anti-conduit group and extremely violent enforcers

Empire City Police
Policemen are rather weak than the reapers. Cole will either side with them (Good Karma) or it will be another faction against him (Evil Karma).

Vermac 88
This faction is good at using firearms. They also posses cryogenic abilities and are protected by metal armor.

These corrupted citizens of New Marais are Cole’s permanent foe. They also don’t like any other faction and their only objective is to bring chaos and trouble to New Marias.

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