Uncharted 3 E3 Gameplay Impressions

Sony opened its E3 2011 press conference in a brilliant fashion, with the first game to show off being Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the 3rd installment in this highly acclaimed franchise, set to be released this November.

Some of us already knew what to expect: a great demo of a probably great game, and the hoots and shouts of joy from the viewing audience clearly depicted that. The game started off with Nathan Drake on the upper deck of a cruise ship.

As a laughing guard approaches to disarm him, Drake does his skillful head-butting, takes a grenade from the guard dispatching it somewhere seemingly random, and shooting a guy on the catwalk. The grenade explodes a certain something which rips open the ship, causing water to flow in.

This is where the intensity begins to rise, and the game seems less quiet and more like an Uncharted experience. There’s some guard-killing to do before the water overwhelms the ship into turning sideways, after which Drake starts using his swimming skills to go about.

Falling debris pin Drake underwater, and after a lot of button-smacking Drake finally surfaces. The last scene shows Drake running towards the camera as water flows violently towards him from behind.

When comparing to the other gameplay demos, Uncharted’s was rather small. However, judging from what it offered, we’re confident that another great Uncharted game is on the way on November 11th 2011.