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Far Cry 3 E3 Gameplay Impressions

A short demo of the sequel to the open-world Far Cry 2 was shown at the E3. This time we’re not heading to the fields and deserts of Africa, instead we’re exploring an unknown island, which has a ‘dark’ secret of its own and inhabitants who are ‘absolutely crazy’. In Far Cry 3 you’ll play as Jason Brody, a specific hero unlike the selection of international mercenaries that was provided in Far Cry 2.

The demo starts off with Jason surveying a specific location from atop a cliff on the island with his sophisticated looking binoculars. As he watches a woman ruthlessly shot and killed by what seems like one of many militia troops, he is captured after being knocked out by someone from the side.

He wakes up to find his hands tied with ropes, listening to Vaas, a mohawked militia leader, who talks about the definition of insanity. Vaas seems nuts in the head, totally, as he rages and mutters about how he ‘killed you once already’, and sends you, with the assistance of a heavy rock, down into the water. Underneath the water Brody slips his bonds and escapes to the nearby cover of a waterfall.

Behind the waterfall he spots another troop, and silently takes him out, taking his weapon and moving forward. After taking a knife and a muffled pistol from a dead corpse, Brody takes out another troop by falling on top of him from a ledge, and later knifes a soldier right in the chest and then flings the blade at another across the way to earn himself a double kill.

Afterwards, it’s a shooter-styled one versus thirty gun fight while moving through a post-massacred village. Though there is no vehicle in the demo, developers have hinted of easier ways to move around in the large expanse of the island. Brody gets on into a chopper with a cooperative pilot, and eliminates soldiers trying to shoot at the helicopter while they lift off, only to have it shot down, after which it crashes.

In the midst of the smoke and wreckage, Brody struggles to keep himself intact, as he sees Vaas approaching, asking Brody if he ever told him the definition of insanity.

Insane is the word to describe this demo. There are, of course, two highlights in the demo. One is the obviously beautiful environment and surroundings, which reminds us so much of the much-loved and classic Far Cry 1. The second is the crazy atmosphere, because as far as it can be told, insanity is in the air.