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E3 2011 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Preview

Who would’ve thought E3 2011 would kick-off with one of the most highly anticipated games of 2011? Not many I suppose. But that is exactly what happened, as the first virtual glimpses we saw on the multiple screens of the E3 stages were of none other game than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 itself.

The demo featured the mission ‘Hunter Killer’, and under-sea mission with us attached personally to a submersible device, with a set of familiar voices verbally interacting with each other through the comm. After some grating cutting with the help of a torch, we progressed through what seemed to be a submerged tunnel consisting of trucks and cars, some with even their taillights on.

The mission, as far is it could be told, was to plant a mine on a specific enemy submarine. After exiting the tunnel, there was a bit of mine-dodging to do, and within a few moments a red blip hit the sonar in front of our face, indicating a large vessel above us. That’s when we went dead still, and turned off all the lights, in a manner of speaking.

After that it was all about hitting a button and planting a mine near the submarine’s rear fins, blowing up the bomb and fleeing away, watching the submarine sinking to oblivion from a distance before surfacing. But the scenery that lay above the waters that we were in just a while ago wasn’t very welcoming, as right after seeing daylight; a glimpse of a partially destroyed city (possibly New York City) could be viewed.

After removing fins and the scuba mask it was time for some typical Call of Duty action, as we gunned our way up the incline of another enemy submarine which had surfaced, exterminating any threat coming in the way with our silenced weapons. Then it was all about entering the submarine, clearing out each room and regularly using melee attacks on some foes too close to us for comfort.

After skipping a bit of gameplay (something we always see in a Call of Duty demo), it seemed from the flashing red lights everywhere that the enemy had been alerted about our unwanted presence. It was then to the acquainted, slow-motion, room-breaching scene, allowing us to gun down a good half-a-dozen enemies before looting their corpses for missile command keys, which we used, only to get a 30 second warning on the impeding launch.

Obviously the next step was to escape, and that was done with while controlling a boat, constantly dodging ship-wrecks and missile attacks, not to mention destroying a relatively large boat with just our quick shotgun. The boat ride continued, until we parked ourselves in the rear opening (don’t laugh) of a helicopter, which flew up, only for us to have a final view of a good few jets speeding towards the burning skyscrapers.

Judging from what we saw, we’re looking at a conventional Call of Duty experience. The demo seemed interesting, even though there wasn’t too much new in it, but we’re pinning our hopes on the fact that MW3 doesn’t end up being a Michael Bay inspired shooter that its predecessor was, and is instead a true, unforgettable experience.