Dust 514 E3 Trailer and New Details

Sony revealed new details on the Sci-Fi first person shooter MMO hybrid, Dust 514 from the makers of the EVE Online. Dust 514 is a persistent shooter, set in EVE Online universe, and its events will impact EVE Online on PC/MAC.

Dust 514 now a Playstation 3 exclusive features territorial control over planets and your performance dynamically shifts the power balance between these worlds, affecting the pilots in EVE Online.

Actually, it goes both ways: events in EVE Online can affect the setting of any particular world. Dust 514 will feature a similar economy as in EVE Online, employing virtual goods and an overseer responsible for monitoring game’s economy.

CCP, the developer behind Dust 514 and EVE Online has promised several free expansion packs, which will be financed by the micro-transactions done by the players for in-game items within the game.

Watch the Dust 514 E3 2011 trailer which gives you more than one reason to be excited about this Playstation 3 exclusive Sci-Fi game.

Excited Anyone ?