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Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Classes Revealed

Battlefield 3, we all know features complex class system that makes it competitive multiplayer engaging and fun. This year with Battlefield 3, the traditional classes of the Battlefield 3 will be receiving an overhaul.

Excited to know the changes ? here is the breakdown of the new class system in Battlefield 3.

What were two separate classes before are now combined with an option to choose your role as you see fit. You can either chose to heal/revive teammates, or you can opt for a grenade launcher instead of the revive kit, if you want more firepower.

Support Class in Battlefield 3 will be responsible for handing out the ammunition and provide covering fire. You can pick up LMG and provide cover to your allies and get bonus experience points. Or you can select an assault rifle with a flashlight for the dark parts of the maps.

The Engineer will retain it’s role and load-out from Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You’re equipped with rocket launchers, repair tool kit and sub machine gun.

Sniper also retains the same role as in previous Battlefield games and comes armed with a sniper rifle, C4 explosives, and spotting gear.

More details to come as E3 Hands-On demo sessions commence.

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