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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations E3 Impressions

Ezio may be getting old, but that doesn’t mean he has lost his agility, speed and stealth that comes with being a high-class assassin of the type he is. Quite honestly the beard rather suits his rugged, cool personality, and the old look only makes him seem wiser.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations put on a big show at the E3, and we’re here to tell you all about whatever we’ve seen, and the impressions that it has left upon the audience.

The demo kicks off with Constantinople being highlighted, and in one of the many narrow streets awaits a cool but old assassin waiting to be controlled by a joystick. That is when you gain control, and just after taking a few steps forward, another civil-looking man calls at Ezio from a walkway above, jumping down to greet him.

He gives Ezio a bomb for the assassin’s next little attempt to cause mayhem, and Ezio tells him to gather his men. After taking a stroll through the market street like an ordinary fellow, and further walking close to a set of stairs leading upwards, being guarded by two men, Ezio calmly throws a grenade to eliminate them, and while everyone else becomes panicky, he gently runs up the stairs, and takes out a few more guards with his stylish combat skills, sword and smoke.

Gentle and calm as ever, Ezio walks to the other side of the platform, which seems to have a massive tower-like structure in the center, connected by a huge chain to Ezio’s ship. He places the bomb that certain guy gave him, and detonates it, causing the chains to break free and the entire tower structure to pleasingly collapse.

Escaping from the collapsing tower, Ezio gets engage in a fight with a few more guards, which he easily exterminates. He then goes on a stationed ship and takes control of a mounted flamethrower, with which he burns neighboring ships, while screams echo all around. When everything is looking like it’s going Ezio’s way, a cannonball pummels itself into the ship Ezio is on, making it collapse.

He then acrobatically makes his way from one destroyed ship to another and after killing and evading a few enemies, cleverly manages to jump on top of an unharmed ship, upon which he verbally interacts with a relatively sophisticated looking man. The two sail on, and that wraps up the demo.

The demo had Assassin’s Creed written all over it, which also depicted the possibility that the game may still contain the rather weak enemy AI and some repetitiveness. Nevertheless it is an Assassin’s Creed game, and that itself is reason enough to be excited over whatever was displayed.

No demo was show regarding the game’s competitive multiplayer, but developers did hint that the multiplayer will build on that of Brotherhood, with new modes and new characters. Keep your eyes peeled for a future full-fledged preview of the game.