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Uncharted 3 E3 Trailer, Beta Starts June 28, Multiplayer Build Coming

Sony didn’t take long to remind everyone of their premier first party titles like Uncharted 3.

Not only that, Sony made it clear, this truly unique experience is only possible with the power of Playstation 3. You can watch the trailer below which showcase the power of Playstation 3. Brilliant graphics and unique gameplay.. want more ? competitive multiplayer.

In addition to the beta starting June 28, also the full multiplayer suit will be made available throughout US at your nearest Subway thanks to a promotion partnership between Sony and Subway. This isn’t the multiplayer demo or some beta, it is full multiplayer game available for fans to check out the competitive aspects of the game before the release to make up their mind. In case, you haven’t already because after seeing this, I have.

So, what do you think ?