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Ryse, Halo 1 HD, and Fable: The Journey Announced For Xbox 360 and Kinect

Microsoft has just revealed Crytek’s secret project codenamed Kingdom during a video presentation which shows the game will indeed be set in the medieval ages showing the struggles of an empire. The official name of the game is Ryse and it will work with Kinect, a Kinect hardcore title I think. You can watch it’s trailer below and see how it looks and plays with Kinect.

Not only that, they also revealed the much anticipated remake of the original Halo game and it’s features. Halo remake will feature fully remastered campaign, co-op and 7 of the best multiplayer maps ever.

Again, we knew Microsoft was about to reveal the next Kinect version of Fable which will support Kinect. Long rumored as Fable: The Journey, indeed it is called Fable: The Journey and the plot follows the journey of hero after Albion is destroyed. You can watch the trailer below and see decide if you really want to be hero, the chosen one AGAIN!

Bloody Good ? or just doesn’t cut it ?