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PS Vita Features Detailed – E3 2011

Sony NGP is officially called PS Vita and will add following unique interactive features and exclusives.

PS Vita Features We Already Know

  • Dual Touch Screen
  • Motion Sensing
  • Front and Back Camera

Party Chat
Cross-game chat is coming to Playstation Portable and this feature is officially called Party Chat. It will allow people to talk to each other through the PlayStation Vita system even while playing different games, using either a headset or the microphone built into the Vita device.

Launch and Price
Playstation Vita will be launched globally during holiday season and will be priced $249. Wi-Fi model will retail for $249, while the 3G/Wi-Fi model will retail for $299.

Wi-Fi and 3G Functionality
Playstation Via will feature both Wi-Fi and 3D functionality, with AT&T being the official carrier of the new handheld.

Ruin (Exclusive)
Ruin is Playstation Vita’s exclusive social action RPG, which sees players create their own hero and lair, and siege the lairs of their friends.

Modnation Races (Vita)
Modnation Racers has modded its way to the Playstation Vita with touchscreen creation controls and ton of user-generated content.

Cross Platform Functionality
Playstation Vita will be capable of the cross platform functionality adding a whole new dimension to how you can play your favorite games. You can use PS Vita’s cross platform functionality in three different ways and they are:

  • Cloud Saves
  • Online Competition
  • Content Sharing

Street Fighter X Tekken is coming to Playstation Vita and will feature Cole MacGrath.

What’s your take on it ?